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    The use of fur in fashion

    Me working as a volunteer at a Lion Breeding reservation in Zimbabwe, 2010.

    I usually do not take actions towards expressing my thoughts and believes for the sake of creating a conflict. However, I do believe this is very relevant and something that needs to take actions now regarding the final collection that I am making.

    I do know I take use of faux-fur in my collection, which I do not find anything wrong to do so. It is the use of real fur that bothers me. It doesn't matter if it is vintage or not, as the word vintage can mean a different year from one and another. At the end of the day it is a dead animal. The way of killing the animal is absolutely barbaric in my eyes as there is only two methods: shoot it and skin it as soon as possible (the body goes hard after a couple of minutes) or the animal gets skinned alive. It breaks my heart knowing this is the way the animal have to go through. We have the technology to create fabrics to look a like, so why not take the use of it instead? Of course there is people that finds using fake fur is as bad as the real thing. Because the fake fur promotes and of course there is very nonintellectual humans who would look at (for example) the fur coat and think it is a lovely coat. Sooner or later would end up buying a real fur coat. If only some humans had some extra brain cells then just maybe they would think twice.

    However I do not have anything against the use of real leather due to the fact of:  The whole animal is being used and not just for it's skin. For example in Argentina they eat a lot of meat, especially cow. And not to make the animal go to waste they take use of the whole cow.

    I can go on and on about this but I thought I could at least get my voice heart in a short version regarding this subject.


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