• "All glory comes from daring to begin" - William Shakespeare

    - Redesign

    The 2nd of February I am back to university again. I must say its been a very long break and I have got a bit relaxed. Maybe a bit too much of it. Anyways, I have started to look at my collection again and decided to redo one outfit because I felt it was too weak. So what have I spend the last couple of days doing? knitting. and even more knitting.

    Time is short and its best to make the most of it.
    lots of love xxx


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    Sannie Schutt

    Sannie Schutt

    About The Designer

    Sannie Schutt is a current fashion student in the last year of BA (hons) Fashion design with marketing at Regent's University. At the moment she is working on her final collection which will be showcased on the 14th of May, 2015.

    Creating clothes is a new skill she have gained over the years and have developed into a passion. She have always been interested in the expression of creativity such as art, photography, theater and music and it is something she still enjoys doing today.

    In the future she is aiming for an MA in Fashion Design to continue develop her identity within fashion.



    + 2004 to 2007: Actress, KåMa Nöje, SWEDEN

    + 2008: Prop assistant, Stage Fantasy, SWEDEN

    + 2010: Volunteer, African Impact, ZIMBABWE

    + 2011 to 2012: Au Pair, Cultural Care, USA

    + 2012 to present: Shop assistant, TOPSHOP, LONDON