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    Sickness: Doing work from home

    It's close to the deadline (Tuesday next week) and I feel a bit stressed out due to I am a bit behind the schedule. I caught a cold this Saturday while I was at work and it got worse during the day. Sunday ended up being in bed the whole day, not being able to breathe and feeling absolutely horrific. Supposed to have uni today, but I was still feeling unwell so I had to stay home. I believe I have been ill for a very long time, but due to stress and adrenaline because of all the dead-lines I ignored the state of my health and kept going. I believe my body finally told me off.

    I strongly dislike being at home and do nothing as it makes me go insane. Thankfully I brought one of my toiles with me last week so I could at least finish of one coat today. Less work to do tomorrow. :)

    I wish I had my own studio where I could do all my pattern cutting, draping on the stand etc. It would make my life so much easier. It makes me want to go on Pinterest and look up interesting studio inspirations... Let's do that! xx


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    Sannie Schutt

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